Camera Stores in Calgary

Camera stores offer video and photography equipment, from beginners and compact cameras to aerial imaging, drones, and professional cameras. Some good stores for gear shopping in Calgary are Vistek, Strobepro Studio Lighting, Saneal Cameras, and The Camera Store.


Vistek offers a diverse array of products, including print and display, lighting, video, and camera equipment. Customers can choose from different types of cameras such as action, medium format, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. The store also offers a wide selection of lenses, from cine, medium format, and non-full frame to micro four-thirds, full-frame, and camera lenses. Video equipment is also available, including cine, broadcast, and pro cameras, lens focusing systems, and video streaming. Vistek is also a premier destination for lighting equipment such as on-camera and continuous lighting, light shaping tools, and light filters.

Strobepro Studio Lighting

Conveniently situated on Avenue Northeast, Strobepro Studio Lighting maintains a wide selection of lighting equipment, reflectors, and light modifiers. The store has a good selection of lighting equipment such as battery and studio lighting kits, speedlite flashes, and studio strobes. Strobepro Studio Lighting also offers gift cards that incur no processing fees and can be printed onsite or sent by email. Two workshops are also available – Intro to Studio Lighting and Intermediate Studio Lighting.

Saneal Cameras

Also a prime location for cameras and studio equipment, Saneal Cameras offers filters, lenses, drones, storage devices, and more. This is a good spot to upgrade equipment or buy a new camera. There is a wide selection of cameras and film cameras, including compact, medium format, mirrorless, and DSLR. The store also offers a diverse selection of accessories such as battery grips and chargers, straps, and compact camera cases. Outdoor and sports optics are available as well, including spotting scopes and binoculars. Saneal Cameras is a one-stop shop for filters and lenses, from polarizer and specialty and color filters to mirrorless and SLR lenses. Featured manufacturers include brands such as Silicon Power, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Canon, and many others.

The Camera Store

This store offers a vast array of lighting, audio, video, and camera equipment as well as rentals and events and workshops. Events and workshops cover a variety of topics such as product photography, portraits, file management, and wildlife. Visitors are offered a diverse selection of events, including sales, demo days, coffee talks, gear buying events, and photography seminars. Their camera selection is also quite extensive, from instant, rangefinder, and medium format to compact, mirrorless, and SLR. They also offer a good selection of lighting equipment, including studio light modifiers, strobe lighting, and light meters.

Finance Your Camera Purchase

Buying photography equipment from trustworthy sellers in Calgary is a better choice than buying a camera off Craigslist. For one thing, products have a money-back guarantee and are inspected to ensure that they are of good quality. Reputable sellers never charge restocking fees and accept returns to keep customers satisfied. They also offer professional advice and guidance, discounts and deals, and reasonable prices.

Alberta’s Photography Hot Spots

Alberta is the home to scenic lakes and waterways, lush meadows, and mountain landscapes that leave visitors breathless. Some of the top photography hot spots and locations on everyone’s list are Lake Louise, Two Jack Lake, and Bow Valley Parkway.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a great location for photo shots during the winter and summer months. There are different ways to explore the area and take photos, whether hiking or trekking in the Banff National Park or canoeing for a paddle. Lake Louise can be a challenge when it comes to photographing because of the contrast between the sky, mountains, and lake. Many choose to shoot multiple images or use a graduated filter to take better pictures.

Lake Louise is not the only scenic spot that photographers flock to. The Canadian Rockies are the home to stunning landscapes full of wildlife, waterfalls, lakes, waterways, and glaciers, offering ample opportunities to create spectacular images. Whether it is aerial shots, wildlife, mountain peaks, or the Northern Lights, the Rocky Mountains are every photographer’s dream and paradise.

Bow Valley Parkway

Highway 1A or the Bow Valley Parkway is a route between Lake Louise and Banff and a top location for animal sightings and wildlife photography. Animals that can be spotted in the Banff National Park include bighorn sheep, mountain goats, wolves, and coyotes. Deer, elk, grizzly bears, and black bears also live in the park. Some of the best places for wildlife shots in the Bow Valley region are the Policeman’s Creek Trail, Bow Valley Trail, Spray Lakes Road, and Canmore Townsite. Canmore is a great location to spot hummingbirds, with two species living in the area – Rufous and Calliope. Many households grow ornamental flowers and have bird feeders that attract hummingbirds. The Policeman’s Creek Trail is an excellent place to spot birds, including chickadees, woodpeckers, and owls. The best seasons for bird spotting are early summer and spring, and this is an easy route, regardless of skill level. The Bow Valley Trail is a top location to spot bighorn sheep, especially on the hillsides and cliffs. It is a great spot for wildlife viewing, and there is a good chance to spot deer, elk, mountain goats, and grizzly bears. The Spray Lakes Road is another location that offers ample opportunities for wildlife viewing. Bears, moose, elk, cougars, and coyotes live in the area.

Lake Minewanka Loop

The Lake Minnewanka Loop is also a prime location for landscape and wildlife photography, where attractions abound. Top attractions along the route are Lake Minnewanka, Two Jack Lake, Johnson Lake, and the Cascade Ponds. The Two Jack Lake is a photography hot spot where many come to capture the reflections of Mount Rundle.  It is ideal for canoeing and paddle boarding, which also offer excellent opportunities for photographing and capturing mountain scenery and wildlife. The Cascade Ponds offer plenty of opportunities for ice climbing, swimming, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Lake Minnewanka is also a prime location to enjoy spectacular views and spot wildlife, especially during the spring season. Those who are lucky may spot bears, coyotes, wolves, fox, tail and mule deer, and elk. The area is also popular for bighorn sheep spotting. Lake Minnewanka can be accessed by public transit and car but some parts of the route are not accessible during winter.

Other photography hot spots in Alberta are the Bow River Bridge, The Three Sisters, and Lake Edith, Annette and Beauvert, which are beautiful glacially fed lakes.